We offer services across the entire supply chain cycle - from the manufacturer, through drug distribution, wholesale and retail to hospitals, doctors and pharmacies, which in turn reach the patient.

Want to consolidate your position on the Bulgarian market? Are you planning to expand your influence in the neighbouring Balkan countries or are you looking for a strong partner – distributor across Europe?

Whatever your goals, you can be sure that our tailor-made solutions can support your growing business.

PHOENIX ALL-IN-ONE provides the full range of basic and additional services concerning distribution. Our know-how, detailed knowledge of the market and understanding of patient needs will allow you to feel „in your own waters“ in any market you want to conquer.

If you want to increase your market share, look to us:

PHOENIX ALL-IN-ONE allows the manufacturer to

  • Expand access to its markets; 
  • Reduce costs and net working capital; 
  • Secure and increase market share;  
  • Generate added value to the drug itself.

This concept makes PHOENIX the preferred partner in the distribution and sale of medicines and medical devices.

With the ALL-IN-ONE concept, we provide drug manufacturers with all services along the supply chain – from the manufacturing stage to the actual sale, making the entire journey from manufacturer to patient a single step.  

This makes us not only a participant in the supply of medicines – we are the link between pharmaceutical manufacturers and end customers.