Dedicated to the patient

BETTY is a loyalty partner programme, part of the European PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership network, which includes more than 17,000 pharmacies from 18 brands in 14 countries.

BETTY pharmacies, part of the PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership Programme, have been present in Bulgaria since June 2014. A few years later, the number of pharmacies is growing and at the moment numbers over 490 across the country.

BETTY's main goal is to help pharmacy business growth and development by differentiating it from the competition. Our goal is to lend our support in the day to day business of pharmacies so they can have more quality time for their customers.
Through our B2B and B2C activities, we aim to increase our partners’ sales and profits, as well as contribute to greater added value for end patients.


For many patients, the pharmacist is the most accessible health professional, and so we pay special attention to pharmaceutical service and patient care.

As an integrated healthcare provider, we are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to reach end patients and directly help their health.

  • Patient services: we believe that every person should have easy access to medical advice and that this should lead to early diagnosis and timely treatment. Together with our colleagues at Exclusive Business and one of their flagship products, the Contour Plus Elite system, we have been able to track the condition of over 2,700 patients.  
  • Magazine: Every month BETTY pharmacies receive a monthly edition of BETTY magazine, which is designed for end patients as a free copy that brings together topical health-focused topics, health recommendations and advice, as well as refreshing lifestyle content.
  • Season Recommendation: Each month, BETTY partner pharmacies position the recommendation of the month with 10 to 12 products that are appropriate for the season.
  • The BETTY website is a channel through which we get closer to the end patient. It contains all the latest information, a wide range of interesting and useful topics, and a list of pharmacies. Visiting the site allows the end patient to find the nearest pharmacy.