Healthcare Software

As a leader and innovator in the healthcare services market, PHOENIX Pharma has always been able to offer its customers the best products for managing pharmaceutical sites such as pharmacies, drug stores and wholesale warehouses.

Decades of experience and the successful application of all modern technologies are decisive and ensure that we provide the best quality and most up-to-date software, always up to date with market trends and the requirements of regulatory authorities.

We are proud that thanks to the constant maintenance of two-way communication with our customers and partners, we have been able to meet their needs and meet the highest demands. The continuous improvement and refinement of our products gives our customers greater competitiveness and sustainability in the business environment.

Pharmacy Expert

Pharmacy Expert is a software designed for pharmacies and drugstores, covering all their activities. The main purpose of the software is to facilitate the daily work of pharmacists and increase the quality of services offered in patient care.

Pharmacy Central

Pharmacy Central information system is designed to manage a chain of pharmacies, allowing access to each site in real time and without the need to physically visit it. Thanks to the systematized information, workflow efficiency, business overview, control, cost optimization, etc. are achieved.

For wholesalers

The Warehouse Expert software has been developed with a focus on the work of warehouses and wholesalers of medicinal products. It has been designed to make warehouse management an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Healthcare Software Prices

We at PHOENIX Pharma have been an established partner on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria for several decades. We are innovators in launching many sales and marketing programs aimed at supporting and improving the quality of our customers and partners.


We offer full support and regular updates for your healthcare software. Software maintenance services are provided by our dedicated experts with vast experience.