Pharmacy software prices

We at PHOENIX Pharma have been an established partner on the pharmaceutical market in Bulgaria for several decades. We are innovators in launching many sales and marketing programs aimed at supporting and improving the quality of our customers and partners.
Pharmacy software

Pharmacy software prices

Pharmacy Expert 2

*All prices exclude VAT
1. Licence for the complete set of modules "Full version"
1200 BGN
2. License for module "National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)"
850 BGN
3. License for the module "Free sale"
850 BGN
4. Installation, settings and training
included in the price
5. New workstation in the same retail location
100 BGN
6. Reinstallation of pharmacy software for customers without maintenance contract
200 BGN
7. Update for customers who do not want a maintenance contract
600 BGN

Pharmacy Central

*All prices exclude VAT
1. Central module
1900 BGN
2. Each added object to the central module
650 BGN
3. Installation, software settings and training
included in the price


*All prices exclude VAT
1. Module for connection with accounting programs (АЖУР® Business Navigator, Microinvest Delta, Workflow)
300 BGN
2. Module for price comparison for wholesale orders
400 BGN
3. Module for quick inventory
300 BGN
4. Wireless inventory module
400 BGN
5. Module for connection to the online store
6. Connection to cash register
60 BGN
7. Visit to a customer who is without a maintenance contract
120 BGN initial fee + 120 BGN for each hour started
8. Remote maintenance visit to a client without a contract
120 BGN for each hour
9. Additional services, beyond standard maintenance
120 BGN per hour
10. Software development
120 BGN per hour