Hospital market

One of the target areas of activity of FONIX Pharma is the wholesale trade of medicinal products on the pharmacy and hospital market. Our strategy is aimed at maintaining stable relations with all our partners.

The hospital business with medicines is for the most part regulated by the Law on Public Procurement, which has specific requirements for the preparation and participation in tender procedures - an activity that PHOENIX Pharma has successfully developed over the years.

Thanks to its well-developed logistics network and 100% coverage of the entire country, PHOENIX Pharma partners very successfully with over 250 medical institutions – state, municipal and private. The company carries out daily deliveries of medicines to any point of the country, while having the ability to carry out emergency deliveries within 4 hours after an order is placed.

These are some of the main reasons why we are a preferred and trusted partner of some of the largest private hospital structures in the country, such as Acibadem City Clinic – the largest group of medical institutions in Bulgaria.

We have very successful partnerships with a number of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, being a major and trusted partner of Accord Healthcare, Astra Zeneca, Swixx Biopharma.

Krasimir Nikolaev

Director Hospital Market