PHOENIX Green – PHOENIX Pharma Sustainability Programme

PHOENIX Green focuses on five key areas: climate mitigation; stewardship and optimal resource consumption; diversity, equity and inclusion; engaged employees; and responsible and ethical sourcing.
Following the philosophy of the PHOENIX Group and fulfilling our mission to deliver health every day, we at PHOENIX Pharma have taken bold and responsible steps towards corporate responsibility. With PHOENIX Green, we will support the growing need to take concrete measures to protect the environment. This will also give us an additional opportunity to meet the expectations that our customers, business partners and, not least, our colleagues and teams, have of us.

As a first and very important step in creating sustainable business practices, we started the renewal of our company fleet. Our goal is to replace all PHOENIX vehicles with hybrid models and thus limit the emissions from our daily work as much as possible. This is a very ambitious and responsible project, which we will tell you about in the coming months and is just the beginning of our transformation.

At the end of 2021, we started working only with electronic documents and gradually began to phase out paper documents. This transition was completed at the beginning of 2022 and to date all accounting documents issued by PHOENIX Pharma are electronic only. This is our next step in reducing the company's environmental footprint, but also a drive towards greater social responsibility in this area as well.

We have more steps ahead of us in a direction that ensures our growth and development as a company, but also actions that bring value not only to us, but also to the society and environment in which we live and work.

Sustainability reports

Our Goal: To become CO2 neutral in our own business area by 2030

The PHOENIX Group publishes its sustainability reports on an annual basis.  The reports include key performance indicators from all companies and their local subsidiaries.

The report sets out specific indicators that are relevant to pharmaceutical distribution.