Shared Services Centre

Driven by our mission to be the best integrated healthcare provider, at PHOENIX Pharma we are continuously developing the capabilities we provide to our customers and partners. Another transformation aimed at giving the best and most distinctive service to consumers is the conversion of the PHOENIX Pharma Contact Centre into a Shared Services Centre.

With additional functionalities and even more adaptive processes, the unit aims to offer customers and partners a complete user experience.

The Shared Services Center portfolio includes:

  • Complaints & Grievances;
  • Pharmacy orders and information;
  • Hospital orders and information;
  • Telemarketing and Marketing Campaigns;
  • Service on the b2b ordering platform and many more areas.

By continually striving to upgrade and improve all services since the inception of the PHOENIX Pharma Contact Centre in 2015, we have been able to improve all of our key performance indicators, including returning missed calls in under 5 minutes. The Shared Services Centre, as the first level of service at PHOENIX Pharma, logs all customer enquiries and case studies in a bespoke application, enabling in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the issues.

All queries and case studies are processed within 24 hours in order to provide timely feedback to our customers. Our operators undergo annual training to enhance their competencies and capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving business.